Strengthening Children & Families

   since 1939

           "It's easy to smile when someone cares" Cal Farley


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"It's not who you are or where you've been, but where  you're going that counts"

--Cal Farley


Mission & Values


Mission Statement

Cal Farley’s provides professional programs and services in a Christ-centered atmosphere to strengthen families and support the overall development of children.


Cal Farley’s will be a leader in the residential childcare field while maintaining long term commitments to children and families through the delivery of an array of quality residential, educational, and community based services in a fiscally responsible manner and in accordance with the Cal Farley’s Model of Care.

Nine organizational goals

1.        We will clearly articulate, both now and in the future, the profile of the children and families we will serve.

2.        A balanced array of effective services will be delivered to our clients.

3.        These services will be delivered to as many of our clients as feasible, based on their needs and our available resources.

4.        We will deliver these services efficiently and according to a balanced budget. 

5.        Our leadership model will ensure collaboration, accountability and empowerment.

6.        Our performance appraisal objectives and strategies will be clearly linked to the organizational goals and objectives.

7.        We will practice continuous quality improvement.

8.        Our business and service delivery will reflect best practices.

9.        We will operate and maintain facilities and grounds according to the highest standards.