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Admissions Process


To begin the process, contact an intake specialist at 806-372-2341 or 800-657-7124 between the hours of  8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, Monday - Friday. Closed major holidays.

An initial telephone interview with the parent(s) or managing conservator(s) helps determine the appropriateness of our programs. Following the interview, the family receives an information packet. A follow-up telephone interview is conducted within several weeks to determine the child's eligibility for a pre-placement interview at the appropriate campus.

Cal Farley's specializes in long term care and accepts children from age five (5) up to, but not past, the seventeenth (17) birthday.  Cal Farley's Girlstown, U.S.A. accepts adolescent girls from age eleven (11) up to, but not past, the seventeenth (17) birthday. Family reunification is a goal for many of the youth, and Cal Farley's provides services and opportunities for family and youth to assist with this process.

The time from initial phone screen to admission depends on the efficiency of exchanges of necessary information, as well as the availability of space at the appropriate campus.

If the child is accepted, custody of the child remains with the child's managing conservator(s) throughout placement.

If you are interested in visiting with an Intake Specialist, or you would like to receive more information about our programs, please click here to contact us.

Contact us by telephone: 800-657-7124 or 806-372-2341

or by mail:
Cal Farley's
P.O. Box 1890
Amarillo, Texas 79174-0001