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   since 1939

           "It's easy to smile when someone cares" Cal Farley


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Model of Leadership & Service



Cal Farley’s views safety as a key element in ensuring positive growth and development of the youth and staff. All human beings need to feel a sense of safety before they can thrive. By providing a safe environment, growth or learning can take place and the opportunity to accomplish personal goals is improved.


In order to thrive, human beings must be able to connect with others - to belong to someone or something, such as a family, a peer group, or an organization. Cal Farley’s is committed to providing a healthy community for its youth and staff where they may experience a strong sense of belonging.


Cal Farley’s believes that youth and staff have a strong desire to master certain skills and to achieve something of personal significance. In order to allow that to occur, Cal Farley’s provides support for individuals to determine their strengths and help them achieve success.


Power is the ability to make one’s own life decisions, to exercise influence over our own motivation, thought processes, emotional states and patterns of behavior. It is helping individuals to not be victims, held hostage to elements beyond the individual’s control. Cal Farley’s empowers children and staff to think and make decisions independently, and to develop personal plans for growth and learning.


Developing a sense of purpose adds meaning to human life. Human beings need to believe that there is some reason for our lives, a sense that we are contributing to some principle or cause greater than ourselves, striving to reach a goal worthy of our efforts.


Men, women and children need opportunities for adventure, opportunities to encounter exciting or remarkable experiences that oftentimes involve risk. Children, especially boys, are hard wired for adventure, or risk-taking behavior. Cal Farley’s is committed to providing our staff and youth opportunities to experience a healthy sense of adventure.