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Garland Adolescent Symposium



Hello to the wonderful people in Garland!

Thanks so much for the great hospitality.

I hope you find everything you are interested in from the links below.








Training Media Links:



See What I’m Saying? McGurk Effect


Audio Illusion-Diana Deutsch


Click here for Spiral Optical Illusion

Spiral Optical Illusion


For information on ordering the Visual Cognition DVD try this link:


For an on-line example of “inattentional blindness” (the basketball video) try this link:


For similar on-line examples try this link:


Circle of Courage Intro

Cal Farley’s Equine Video -


Richard Cardinal: Cry From a Diary of a Métis Child

Click here for information about buying this video


Maury Povich “Richie” -

It’s Not About the Hat – Boston 20/20

Bonus Link - Circle of Pink 

Click on link, stare at + in the middle of the screen until you only see a green dot rotating.  In reality, there is only pink dots!


Click the name of the videos below to view:

Alien Song


Pulled Over

Elephant Memory

Do You Know Who I Am?

German Coast Guard

Parking Lot Rage

Bears and Salmon

I Can’t Dance



Road to Wellville - 1994 Film

Breakfast Club - 1985 Film

Small Sacrifices - 1989 Film

Tom Horn - 1980 Film