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Boys Ranch Independent School District



The educational component of our programs at Boys Ranch and Girlstown is extremely important.  Our children spend many hours participating in academic, extra-curricular and vocational training programs each day, even during the summer.  BRISD provides a wide array of curriculum offerings that are aligned to ensure that each student has the opportunity to participate in courses leading to success in college, the military, and employment.  Participation in athletics, fine arts, or career and technology activities develops leadership, teamwork, and a solid work ethic. 


BRISD was established in 1941 through legislative action.  It is considered a "special purpose" independent school district of Texas, funded in part through annual contributions from Cal Farley's and in part through state and federal education funding mechanisms. 



Boys Ranch Independent School District Mission Statement

Boys Ranch Independent School District, an educational institution in partnership with the community, provides a balanced foundation for the mental, physical, emotional, and social development of its students as they prepare to cope with a wide variety of life experiences and to contribute productively to society.