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Help a child by serving as a positive role model through contact made with a resident through pre-planned activities and visits.

The Cal Farley Boys Ranch Volunteer Sponsor Program is a project that allows dedicated, trustworthy members of the community to serve as a positive role model, for select residents of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, through organized interaction.

FAQ (these question and answers are meant to provide a condensed overview of the program and do not reflect the program or its requirements in the entirety)

Q)         Who can be a sponsor?

A)         The program is open to individuals in the community that have expressed an interest in sponsoring a resident and successfully complete a series of requirements the Cal Farley organization has outlined.

Q)         What are some of those requirements?

A)         Items like a completed application, employment history, motivation for volunteering and matching-preferences are required. Also, a sponsor must provide references and show proof of their driving license and vehicle insurance. Additionally, the applicant must agree to allow Cal Farley’s to verify their driving record, pass a criminal background check and meet other requirement as outlined in the application process.

Q)         Can I select which resident I sponsor?

A)         Sponsors may request to be matched with a specific child and the request will be taken into consideration, but is not guaranteed. When matching a resident with a sponsor, Cal Farley’s will consider the resident’s needs and desires as well as the sponsor’s strengths and abilities. Final sponsorship approval is decided by the Sponsorship Coordinator.

Q)         How often will I interact with the resident?

A)         Sponsorship will begin with supervised visits on the Boys Ranch campus. After a probationary period, visits should typically occur once a month. The frequency or length of visits will be determined by the resident’s Caseworker in coordination with the sponsor and the resident’s desires. The visits can include, but are not limited to weekend and/or holiday visits.

Q)         How much does it cost to participate?

A)         The only thing we ask for is your time. Both time and patience will be needed through the application process and during the sponsorship of a Boys Ranch resident. Upon occasion, you may elect to do an activity with the child you sponsor that could cause you to incur the cost of that particular activity.

Q)         How will I know my time spent with the resident is effective?

A)         Goals and needs being met through the sponsorship will be evaluated on the regular Plan of Review by the resident’s Caseworker. While Cal Farley’s strives for a strong, long-term bond between the resident and the sponsor, the sponsorship can be terminated at any point by the sponsor or the Cal Farley organization.

For more information or to request an application and begin your process of providing “a shirttail to hang onto” for a Cal Farley resident, call (806) 372-2341, (800) 6873722, or e-mail your name and address to: You may also use the Contact form on this Web site.