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Youth from across the country joined several of America’s premiere cowboy poets, entertainers, artists and craftsmen for the fifth annual Youth Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch.  The Gathering was held June 15-18, 2006.

The Youth Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering gave youth the opportunity to learn about western folklore, cowboy values and the history and culture of the Old West. This event keeps the Cowboy lifestyle alive, as well as the traditions and values, such as fair play, honesty, integrity, faith in God, and love of the outdoors. 

“It’s absolutely phenomenal,” said Red Steagall after the 2006 Gathering.  “It is a very unique gathering and it has a great feeling.  I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Steagall was joined by Waddie Mitchell, Chris Isaacs, Dan Roberts, The Gillette Brothers and Wylie and The Wild West.  Other featured artists included Yvonne Hollenbeck, Jean Prescott, The Burson Family, and many more.

While the young people enjoyed a variety of seminars including creative writing, drawing, leather work, chuckwagon cooking, and other cowboy-related seminars, their parents took pleasure in a western arts and trade show, a variety of afternoon entertainment, and learning sessions such as wild game cooking.

Numerous people talked about the “magic” they experienced at Boys Ranch.  Those who attended can attest to that energy and enthusiasm that ran through the crowd.  The combination of children smiling, having fun, enjoying free and unique educational opportunities, getting the opportunity to mingle with celebrities, and just old fashion family entertainment - is an awesome almost magic combination.  Russell, age 17, said “This was the very best year ever.” Russell was the surprised recipient of a $500 award for his poetry efforts.  The Roberts family, first time to visit the Youth Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering stated, “We had fun, as a family, making rope halters, jewelry, riding in the wide open spaces and most of all catching the vision and the dream of Cal Farley.” 

We are already receiving calls inquiring of the dates for the 2007 gathering.  Please make plans to join us in 2007 – Father’s Day weekend, June 14-17, 2007 - you will be glad you did.